26 Aug 2013

17th Viking Congress

Posted by AndrewJ

We are continuing to work on the online database Norseworld.

Nick has had a busy summer! We wanted to have something to show the delegates at the Viking Congress when they came to CNS Shetland for a reception. Although there are still things to iron-out, the visitors were impressed with what had been done and what we are going to do next. They were particularly impressed that one can search all the ASC and Irish Annals up to 902 for Viking references. Nick is adding entries from the Scottish Chronicle and Iberian references. This Drupal system is shaping up to be ideal for the viking portal. John and Andrew are going to spend a little while looking at the site and tweaking it. For the benefit of the RSE we also continued putting Shetlandic material on the system. For Unst we now have place-names, longhouses and chapel sites. We now need to add more info on to the nodes. We now need to apply for further RSE funding to continue the network.


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