12 Jun 2013

Canadian Student

Posted by AndrewJ

Things have been quiet on the Hjaltland network front recently. We didn’t get money from the EU to build a Viking online atlas. However, progress has continued. Nick a student from Brock University in Canada arrived last month to help at CNS. I immediately got him working on the new development in the Hjaltland project. He is creating nodes on the new Drupal based system www.norseworld.com that John, the IT expert, is developing. Nick has been entering data from the Anglo-Saxon chronicle and the Irish annals. Each event concerning the Norse is given a node which is tagged depending on what the even actually was. These nodes are all geotagged and given a date. They can be searched and results will appear on a map, in a list and on a timeline. There will also be nodes for archaeological finds, runic inscriptions and placenames. These can all be mapped against each other. At the moment the site is being populated, but soon it will be integrated and nice to look at. Perhaps, not quite as nice as the wordpress site nav.hjaltlandnetwork.com, but it will be more useful for research.


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