2 Oct 2012

A Busy Month

Posted by AndrewJ

Peder and Berit spent September with Andrew in Scalloway…it was splendid! Peder and Andrew spent the time writing up a proposal for the Augustinus fund, a private Danish fund. The proposal entitled VARI (Viking Age Research Infrastructure) is a development of the ideas which were worked on to try and secure HERA funding. The concept is to develop a semantic web ontology for archaeological, genetic and historical databases, so that they can all be computer searched. John will work on the technical side, developing a series of convertors for the different types of data. This means that the databases can be searched directly for their Viking material from our portal, instead of mining them for this data and storing it all on our own database, which would end up being enormous. This will allow us to devote our database for our own digitised material. Peder demonstrated to Andrew how simple it actually is to digitise, store and search textual material…just time consuming. See here

Last month was busy too. Andrew and Arne attended a meeting of Viking Visions at Trelleborg in Denmark. If money becomes available¬† the Hjaltland Network will be involved in creating an online Cultural Atlas of the Viking World…an exciting prospect.

The Hjaltland Network will soon be organising a meeting in Edinburgh to discuss VARI and to experiment with digitisation and database construction.


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