31 Jan 2012

Linking a Shetland document to other sources.

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Source: Shetland Documents 1159-1579
Date and Place: 26 April 1403, Bergen

Summary: Letter narrating that Thiodilda Helgadatter gave to Jon, abbot at Munkeliv, inter alia the property called Hamar in Northmavine in Shetland.

Original: Transcript in the letter book of Munkeliv monastery, in the Royal Library, Copenhagen.

Document text: To all the men who see or hear this letter, Arnulfuir Gunnarsson, who was formerly lawman in Bergwin and Ormir Ysaacsson, councillor in the aforementioned place, send God’s greeting and their own. We make known that we were present, [and] saw and heard Þiodilda Helghadottir give to the honourable man ‘herra’ Jon, by the grace of God abbot at Munclif in Bergwin, with her complete assent and handshake the site [tuft] called Karatuft, which lies close to Slæpalangirinn, and as much as she owns of Kringlan in Petir’s parish. And in addition [she gave] as much property [gotz]as she inherited in Hietland from ‘sira’ Helghi, her father: land [jordh], which is called Hamar, which lies north of Mœfeid [firir northan Mœfeid], be it smaller or larger, wherever his representatives can find it, and prosecute the men who have used her money unlawfully since her father died.
And in confirmation hereof, we set our seals to this letter, which was made in Bergwin eight days before the Crossmass of of spring in the year of our Lord 1403.

Additional: Printed in Diplomatarium Norvegicum, vol. XII, no. 138.


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