20 Sep 2011

Minutes 05/08/2011

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Hjaltland Network

Video Conference


5/8  2011



Present: Andrew Jennings (Chair), Alex Sanmark, Berit Sandnes, Jim Wilson, Peder Gammeltoft, Val Turner, Doreen Waugh, Arne Kruse (Minutes)


Apologises from John Clayton and Eileen Brook-Freeman.


A warm welcome to Val and to Eileen (though absent today) from the Amenity Trust. Also welcome to Doreen.


Main point on the agenda is to hear reports on progress and to decide on a meeting with the Amenity Trust in September.


Andrew: We all agree that the Amenity Trust will be crucial for our work on Shetland, and we are very glad that we now have on board Val and Eileen from the Trust. I have visited the Amenity Trust, mainly to reassure them about our intentions. There clearly was a misconception that we were further down the line in our work, and we had made the mistake not to contact them earlier but rather wait until we had a clearer agenda and something concrete to present to the Trust. Managed to reassure them that we were still at a planning stage and that we had no intention to duplicate or take over work that was already done by the Trust but rather work with the Trust to facilitate the access to their resources as well as other sources of data. Also told them that we were still at a networking and planning stage. We agreed to have a more formal meeting in mid Sept.


Jim: Find it difficult to establish the genetic Viking-ness of Fair Isle; the population is just too small. Will therefore start with the whole of Shetland and make use of data I have already, otherwise the cost will be too much. I intend to make use of the 1901 census; by going back in time there will be a higher precision. Intend to plot the family genes’ geographic distribution. To this I will need help. How is this done?


Arne: A few members of the group know much about kml-data and a further few know some, but the point Jim raises is important; there is a need for the whole group to be instructed in how the database works and how material can be fed into the database. Can this be on the agenda of a future meeting?


Peder: On our Google Doc site there is a doc on how to feed in data. Also, there is a doc on how to fill in an application. We must all have in mind the application witch will be the outcome of this trial period.


Andrew: I will attend a week course on computing for historians in London in the autumn.

I successfully made use of Google Earth in teaching Summer School last week. Very easy to use, to add material, use overlays, videos, html links, animated materials etc. Works very well. This can be developed as part of our overview section on general Viking history.


Alex: For the Assembly Project I have worked on GIS base map for all of Scotland; someone employed to register all on EDINA. Still needs work but in a few weeks there will be a full base map.


Val: Recommend the government website called Haggis (Heritage Asset Group GIS) (http://sedsh13.sedsh.gov.uk/HAGGIS/), has much material, OS maps etc. May need a pass word.


Doreen: Sundquist from Stockholm Uni has sampled Shetland dialect this summer.

Berit to contact him.


Andrew: Concerning the meeting with Amenity Trust in September. This is scheduled for 13-14 Sept. Peder and Andrew will attend, and so will Val and Eileen.


Peder: We will need to know about the intentions of the Amenity Trust. They will be interested in all data about anything in the past. We are only interested in part of the past. Will there be a conflict of interest?


Val: I think this will be seen from the Trust as another database, running parallel to others, on archae., geology, etc. This will bring new thinking to the Trust and take things forward.

We will need to hear further about the objectives of the Trust, but I suspect they will be similar to the Network’s.

With a joint venture there will possibly be better funding opportunities. Also, this will help to satisfy the Trust’s educational perspectives in the long run.


Andrew:  Are we all happy to stick to Fair Isle as our pilot?


Jim: Although there are problems with the genetic material, no other area in Shetland is better. FI happens not to have a clear Norse family lineage but for a proto-type it can still be illustrated graphically.






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